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Comic Spotlight – Hail

New additions to the list Miranda Richardson and Rosanna Lam are working on a super interesting new webcomic called ‘Hail’ – I don’t actually read a lot of webcomics (gasp, I know, I just prefer hardcopy!) but if you have a moment, definitely go check it out. The art has an interesting twist on the character design side and takes a very interesting view and exploration of anxiety. Mental health discussions in comics is something I would love to see more of, and ‘Hail’ has a promising start.

Check it out at

Call – new Brisbane comic store!


The opening of a new store is always super interesting, but Brisbane’s newest store, Secret Identity Comics (opening September 12) is run by two ladies! Interested in diverse comics, including local work, one of the owners, Christine, reached out to me to spread the word that she and co-owner Tash want YOUR comics for their store!

Hello, everyone! My name is Christine and I’m opening up a new comic book store situated in the heart of the Brisbane CBD, Secret Identity Comics. Owned and operated by myself and my friend, Tash, Secret Identity Comics aims to challenge the stereotype of what a comic book store is.

Featuring a large, welcoming, open space with an old-world charm, Secret Identity Comics champions the view that comic books are for everyone. Inclusivity, Diversity, Community and Creativity are the cornerstones upon which the store is based, and we want to encourage and build a strong, passionate community around Secret Identity Comics – ensuring it is a place where everyone feels welcome to visit and discuss all aspects of comics, within a respectful and accepting environment.

As community is a huge focus at Secret Identity Comics, we will feature events and other special occasions frequently, and will stock comics from local independent talent. If you’re interested in stocking your titles at Secret Identity Comics, feel free to contact me,

Secret Identity Comics opens on Saturday, September 12 at 7/139-145 Charlotte Street. Check out our Facebook page to learn more

I’ll be popping along to the launch, so if you’re in Brisbane come check out it’s newest store, and maybe consider if it’s a place for your work too! It can be tough to find comic stores really friendly to local work so it’s one I’ll be watching, along with Brisbane’s other recent store, Junky’s (also lady run, with an awesome alt vibe, check them out too)!

All Star Comic’s Market

To celebrate Becky Cloonan (who is super chill) doing an in store signing, All Star Comics is running a market on this Saturday full of local lady creators!

All Star had this to say about the day-

“It’s not every day you get one of the world’s premier comic talents visiting your store. Becky has a massive and broad fan base. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce those fans to a group of local female creators inspired by Becky’s work. Doing this our hope is to bring these creators work to the attention of a new audience. While at the same time hopefully this experience will inspire other creative female fans in the crowd to develop their own comic or art endeavours by seeing the level of skill and talent from this incredible line up of creators. Encouraging new local comic creators is as important as showcasing them. Hopefully on Saturday we’ll be doing both.”

At the market will be Scarlette Baccini, Erin Hunting, Alex Clark, Jess Parker, Jennifer Wu, Kate Moon, Sophia Parsons Cope, Laura Renfew and Lauren Hills!

So GET ON DOWN! Click here for the event page!

SugarCity Comic Con this weekend


The last few years, regional events have really been on the rise as valuable cornerstones of their local communities. With successes such as Comicgong, Her Majesty’s in Hobart and Mackay’s SugarCity Comic Con, it’s almost certain that these community supported events will become a new cornerstone for supporting comics growth in regional areas.

This weekend is Mackay’s SugarCity Comic Con, now in it’s second year and doing what few small events would dare – not only inviting local guests to run workshops to encourage local talent, but bringing in an international guest of the calibre of Becky Cloonan as well!

Alisha Jade will also be attending as a guest, running a workshop on creating comics and assisting on a panel with Becky.

If you’re in the area, make sure you come along and support one of our biggest, newest regional events on it’s journey!


Bring on ZICS 2015!

When it comes to zine and comic events, ZICS may be young but it’s an AMAZING weekend! Panels, workshops, demonstrations along with the fair, the Zine and Indy Comics Symposium is fast becoming one of Brisbane’s premier small press events, if not already THE event!

Open to all and with free entry, it’s a great show to wander into and take your time talking to all the local creators – everyone’s laid back and compared to a big show, has much more time to chat.

I was going to do a big map highlighting all the fantastic lady creators of both comics and zines to be there on the weekend, but they make up what looks like a third of the room! So just pop down and see for yourself, you can’t miss the talent!

Hopefully photos and some recordings to come after the weekend!





Comics Conversation Kinokuniya

On Saturday, August 8, I joined a crowd of attendees (standing room only, folks, and a few layers deep at the back!) to hear Queenie Chan, Sarah Boxall, Lesley Vamos, Meri Amber and Alex Hammond give a really inspiring panel on women and comics.

The questions were really interesting and engaging, from opinions on the industry to how they operate and what they are inspired by, it was a great listen and interesting to hear from such a varied group in the comics they create.



A really touching audience question was from a teenage girl, who was really brave in front of the standing room only crowd to ask, what advice could our panellists give for someone who is just starting their artistic journey? My favourite answer was from Lesley –


“I think skill wise, just draw. Just draw and draw and draw I draw 16 hours a day sometimes… I just draw all the time and just like walking and breathing, you get good at it eventually…it’s not a magic trick, it’s just practice…as far as opportunities are concerned, don’t be afraid of us, don’t be afraid of people you admire. Reach out to them and ask questions.”

As you can see from the photos, it was a big event, and really well received! A number of fans stuck around after for book signings and chats, and it was heartening to see such an event in a store like Kinokuniya.


SMASH 2015

SMASH was so busy! I didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone unfortunately, but I did get to take some photos of a few of the amazing ladies of comics that were there! This isn’t everyone, but it’s a snapshot!

Some, but not all of the above: Bea Bravo, Rosek, Karen Beilharz, Sam Calcraft, Sai Nitivoranant, Sam Jacobin, Amei Zhao, Nadia Atlee

I was really impressed with the amount of original content creeping into SMASH, it’s definitely changed since I last attended in 08 and it’s hopefully a cool future direction!

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